The Efficacy of Education

Far better an approximate answer to the right question, which is often vague, than an exact answer to the wrong question, which can always be made precise.
J.Tukey, 1962

In education, the real question is, can we measure student achievement in a reliable, efficient, effective manner that we can communicate to make meaningful decisions about the educational programs for students?





New Template - Quick Student over Box Plots: Quickly plot student performance over box plots. This new tool allows educators to quickly plot up to 100 different individual student performance trajectories (one at a time) over fall, winter, and spring box plots. Although this is not a new idea, it does allow schools to continue to plot the performance of Tier 2 students over normative information, while trimming down benchmark assessment windows to testing only those students for whom data are needed. is here to provide educators with free tools to help you visualize your data and make decisions. Most of the tools found on are excel templates. It has served as a free resource for educators for almost a decade, and updates will continue for the forseeable future. With that said, better tools can be deployed using newer technology. An example of a better progress monitoring tool is found on has deployed a 21st century data visualization tool that will allow users to help educators create high quality, interactive, flexible progress monitoring visualizations to supplement current programs of individual progress monitoring. allows users to enter numerical data from any measure progress monitoring data. The system will dynamically evaluate student progress based on the criteria selected by the user.
  • Set up is  easy and intuitive
  • Data entry is easy
  • Visualizations are interactive
  • Decision - making is accurate and defensible

Decision - making will always require some degree of professional judgement. Check out this brief presentation demonstrating how the visualizations from can make decision - making more objective. is in the second year of development, and pilot prices are available.

  • Do you want to try to monitor progress using the measures you want to use, but still obtain a reliable evaluation?
  • Are you looking for a tool that will draw you a graph, allow you to adjust on the fly, and help you to interpret the data?
  • Are you tired of Excel Templates?

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